My Teenage Dream

The evolution of a teenager is that obsessions become passions we all hold and remember for the rest of our lives ♥


Well if I could imagine it I’d be able to wake up and my alarm wouldn’t go off, and I would wake up really late and um… I could go on a walk and I wouldn’t wear a hat and I wouldn’t wear sunglasses and I could walk and make eye contact with whoever I wanted and smile and get my own coffee.

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Mr @tyleroakley - you sum up my fangirl life in a nut shell. I know this was 2 years ago but omg this is the most perfect thing in the whole world! <3

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence


American actress, age 24 , 3 Academy award nominations, one Academy award win,other 97 nominations and 99 wins.

She’s beautiful, intelligent, funny and an amazing human being






Some leaked photos ,won’t make me think less of her!

People really need to stop retweeting,…

Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos Released - LEAVE THEM ALONE!

“This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”

This whole situation is absolutely ridiculous. For someone to feel the need to invade a person’s privacy - celebrity or not - is absolutely disgraceful. I can’t even begin to imagine how Jennifer is feeling right now. People saying that she is a whore or slut for taking nude pictures when she was younger are ignorant to the fact that she has done nothing wrong. She wasn’t the person who posted the pictures online; it was done in private. For me, it really speaks loudly of society. The need to know everything about a person and going to the lengths of hacking their private accounts -absolutely disgraceful. Amongst all of this, people are calling her nasty names for the photos without even knowing anything about her and ignoring the person she is. I know I don’t know her personally, but it’s obvious how big her heart is and how much she dislikes being followed and put under a spotlight for everything she does. You only need to watch ONE interview of her to understand that. People may say I’m only defending her because I am a huge fan, but the fact is that I am speaking out about all 101 female celebrities that have had their accounts by this individual/s, hacked and alleged nude photos released. The lengths this person has gone to is ridiculous; situations like this need to be stopped. These women are human beings, famous or not, and they deserve their own privacy just as much as everyone else. Their job isn’t to have their personal lives revealed to all of us, but to entertain us through their talent, work, and craft. Some might want the attention, but for quality talents such as Jennifer Lawrence, they do what they do because they love it and want to make people happy. So on behalf of them and every living, breathing human being, who values their own privacy; LEAVE THEM ALONE. How would you feel if your were put through that amount of invasion and humiliation?

This is Jennifer Lawrence

you were defending a guy two days ago because his nudes leaked but now you are calling a talented and heartful girl a “slut” “she shouldn’t have even done that what a whore” just because someone invaded her privacy but

Remember when Jennifer Lawrence visited a children’s Hospital in Louisville